April 26, 2019

April 26, 2019

Spring is in full swing here on the farm. A perfect mix of blue skies and thunder storms. Longer days green fields, baby animals, and LOTS of eggs.This last month we have spent mucking out all of the stalls (the boys favorite job....said with sarcasm) and bedding them down with fresh hay for the summer. The manure, straw mix is getting put in low spots in our fields and then covered with dirt to help raise the ground level and help with flooding. We have baby cows and lambs and goats and bunnies running around the farm right now and the kids LOVE that part of spring. Even if it means extra chores. 

We are working on a few new fun projects for the summer. From children farm camp and kids cooking camp, to movie nights, camp outs, concerts, and more. We will also be offering some adult cooking classes and are working on ways to offer them live online for those that live too far away (although your more then welcome to come visit this summer!) We have some rooms for vacation rentals too!!

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