California Covid-19 updates

California Covid-19 updates

2 weeks ago I came down to cali to sit in the hospital with my grandmother who was close to passing. Because of the situation we had no visiting hours and i was spending 12-14 hours a day at her bed side. one day they told all visitors that they could not be there except for those in situations like hers. the next day we were told the rules changed and we had 10 min to say good by and leave. she spent 3 days alone there but we were finaly able to get her transfered to home hospice. At that time it was recomented that i get back to utah so i drove over night and got home. Utah now has many of the same restrictions cali has. we are about three days behind you. We were also told that we would not be able to drive to deliver as we are only a Registered grocery store in utah. So we started looking at alternative options. we talked to airlines and many of them have upped their cargo transports and we thought we would be able to offer to send orders to multiple socal airports and have some one designated to pick them up and have you meet at their houses. This plan was put on hold this morning when an earthquake hit utah causing damage to the salt lake airport. We are waiting to hear how long they expect it to be closed. When they are open we will resume getting cleared as an approved air freight/cargo shipper and see if this is a viable option. We welcome any ideas or feedback. we know many stores are low on food and are working as hard as possible to get orders to you as quickly as possible. 


Love and prayers to all as we get through this situation that im sure none of us ever thought we would see happen

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