Feb 25 2019

Feb 25 2019

Supporting small farms matters.

 When we went down to California in February the water pump went out in San Diego. We went to the store and bought a bunch of water jugs and just kept putting water in and nursed it to Anaheim where our family lives. Sunday we did a late christmas with family (so fun). Monday, Chuck woke up at 6 am to go the my dad’s mechanic shop so that Chuck could do the water pump. Supposed to be a 2 hour job and he was trying to get out before they opened. Once he got the pump off it turned into a 15 hour job and there was a problem with the timing belt. He finally got back at 9 pm dirty, and exhausted. Despite all that, we really felt we needed to start home that night as there was a snow storm we wanted to avoid. We got to Vegas at about 2 am and got gas then went over to the Camping world parking lot where we have spent the night in the past. Unfortunately at 2:30 (right after getting set up to sleep) SWAT came and kicked us out as they were using the parking lot. We drove past the north part of town and pulled off the freeway and slept there. At 6 am (3 hrs of sleep) the sun was up and so were the kids, so we got back on the road. We got home at 5 pm and found ice on the windows of the house. The furnace had gone out and it was 33 in the house. Couldn’t get anyone out at that time to fix it, so we put some small heaters on the pipes and went to a friends house and slept in their living room. The next day we had a repair company come take a look. It was dead dead! Friday morning we had a new furnce installed. This was not in the budget so we used the mortgage money to pay for half of it and crossed fingers that we would get orders to cover the rest. At the same time someone in California shared our farm with a friend in passing. The woman contacted us and asked a bunch of questions about our farm and meat. She ended up placing a very large order that litteraly brought me to tears as it made me feel like we were going make it work out. You guys. When people say buying form small farms matters.....it REALLY matters. We knew going into farming was not going to make us rich. And honestly that’s really okay. We have 6 kids in a 900 square foot old farm house. We have never had cable tv. We buy all our vehicles and phones used. We don’t even have a tractor. And we try and keep our prices low so that families like ours can afford to eat good food. And we are able to do this because of YOU! When you order it’s not going to some CEO’s 5th vaction. We truly appriciate each one of you! And we need you to tell your friends and family about us. If you love our meat and would like to help spread the word, email or text us and we will give you a special discount code. Your friends will get 10% off their beef and pork cuts and you will earn free meat! 

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