About Us

How We Started

Utah Locavore was born out of necessity during covid. Local farmers and food producers were struggling to get their products to local consumers because of the farmers markets being closed, or having limited availability during the pandemic. 

The idea of a year-round, online farmers market, where shoppers could visit each of their favorite local booths (pages); combined with the convenience of a single shopping cart and check out WITH home delivery turned out to be a win for producers and consumers alike.

How It Works

Local vendors can sign up for a booth (page) on our site where we list all of their products. You can shop from just about anywhere that you have internet access. Shop each booth and add things you love to your cart. Once you check out, we send a message to our vendors letting them know what was ordered. We collect products from each vendor, fulfill orders and deliver right to your door. 

Orders close every Sunday at 8 pm. Orders placed after that time will be delivered the following delivery day for your area (click here to see our delivery schedule) Utah has lots of new neighborhoods; if your address does not show up on google maps, please leave directions in the notes section. If you choose to leave a tip at check out, the full amount will go to your delivery driver.

More About Us

Utah Locavore does not own any of the products offered on our site. We do not buy the products wholesale and resell them. Each Vendor is an independent business just like with an in person Farmers Market. They set their own pricing, sales, etc. As such they are responsible and liable for all of their products. If you have any problems with your products we can help facilitate a resolution between you and the vendor.