All About Pork

Grocery store pork starts by being born in a farrowing pen. Mom is in such a small pen she is not even able to turn around. This is supposed to keep mom from accidentally rolling over on her babies. Babies have their teeth clipped or filed and tails docked and are raised on mom until they are weaned and then moved into hog houses where they will spend the rest of their lives with no access to the out doors. Moms are re bread and will spend their lives having 2 litters a year.

Pigs are fed a diet high in corn and soy as well as deceased animals. Usually downer animals that can not be used for human consumption.

While the USDA has said that there is no growth hormones that are permitted in pork this is not really true.

Ractopamine is given to 80% or more of all pork produced in the US. Although it is illegal in almost every other country. It is similar to adrenalin and helps put more weight on with out fat. Unlike almost all other drugs given to animals there is NO withdraw time for the drug before it is butchered in fact it is given more closer to butcher time. It is considered safe by the USDA but it is thought to possibly be why some people with predisposed medical problems may have heart palpitations after eating pork.


When you buy "uncured bacon" at the store it is really not uncured. true uncured bacon is just sliced pork belly. Uncured bacon at the store uses "natural nitrates" to cure the bacon. Salt works well but takes a little longer then Celery salt. The reason celery salt works so well is it has been sprayed with synthetic nitrates to up the content on it. 


again all vaccinations are approved under USDA organic standards. 

we do NOT use any vaccinations