Bulk Beef
save big and fill your freezer 

Deposit to secure your spot. Balance due before delivery. Price is based on hanging weight and includes cut and wrap. We will call you to get your cutting instructions. Additional fee for offal, boneless cuts and additional quick cuts.

Standard cut $3.75 lb

Boneless cut $4 lb

Offal $50 (tail, liver, kidney, heart, tongue)

Add on quick cuts $10 per 10 packs (choose from hamburgers, stew, fajita, thin sliced)

Whole and Half beef can be customized by size of roasts, thickness of steaks and more. 1/4 beef comes standard cut.

Beef hanging weight average 700-900, average weight fluctuates by season.

Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable. You are responsible for finding someone to take over your balance if you can not take your meat!

Full Beef Deposit


Half Beef Deposit


1/4 Beef Deposit


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