Feeding a family of 4 on a food stamp budget.

 Eating real food on a food stamp budget. Can it be done? We say yes! Current USDA food stamps budget for a family of 4 is  $640. That averages out to 7.61 meal. We planned a month worth of meals with recipes for a family of four and kept it with in the food stamp budget. We even worked out an organic option for just over. 

Conventional $504 ( avg $6 per meal for a family of 4)

Organic $588 (avg $7 per meal for a family of 4)

*prices biased on shopping at Kroger stores. 


Do you have a smaller family? Before serving divide the meal in half and freeze for later or put in the fridge and use for lunches. 

Do you want to learn how to cook homemade dinners for your family? Sign up to host a cooking class. We would love to come in and teach you and a few friends how prepare meals for your families. 

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