How 150 cows can save the family farm and how you can help!

A quick story.

In 2013 we bought our first farm and house. Despite a home inspection, 2 years after moving in, the house was condemned by the county due to mold and lack of structural integrity. We found someone willing to owner finance our current farm with the understanding that we would do a deed in lieu of foreclosure and a 5 year term with the ballance due at that time. Unfortunately, the bank foreclosed making us inelligable for a traditional loan to refinance. We have just one year left to save the farm. Here are some of our plans and how you can help! 

Fill your freezer

If we can sell 150 beef in 12 months, we can save the farm! A whole beef is a lot of meat, but if you got an 1/8 and told 7 friends who ordered and everyone reading this did the same, the farm would be saved! But what if you live far away?

On the road

We are happy to go any where in the USA if we can get 5 beef for that state! We are currently working on plans for: Oregon, Washington, Colorado and more. we have also had pleople contact us from Arizona, Florida and New York contact us. If you‘re interested in one of these locations, or want to start your own, send us a message so we can connect you with poeple in your area and get a drop planned! 

Henson Heritage Farm AirBnB

Need a get away? Do you or your kids/grandkids love animals? Come visit our AirBnb. Breakfast right from the farm, milk a goat, bottle feed baby cows, get Hamilton the pig to do tricks, and enjoy a campfire under a starlit sky. 

Where are we staying? We are living in our camping trailer out by the barn with our kids! Its been an adjustment, but we have met some amazing travelers and love to help people experience life on the farm.

We offer our BnB nightly from April through September and for special events the rest of the year. 

Coming soon

Appricot, peach and elderberry are all in the works for this fall and winter. Stay tuned!

Fresh Pressed Cider

Fresh Pressed Apple Cider from non-sprayed trees. Freezes great!  We should have this available soon! 

Cooking Classes

Im really excited about this one! I make 3 homemade meals a day for 9 people. Hearty meals for a farming family and do it all for an average of $2 a person per meal!! Online and in person classes coming soon!