**Only Available In Utah**


Wrapped Mini Bouquet

Wrapped Standard Bouquet

Wrapped Deluxe Bouquet

Meet Kayla!

AHi! My name is Kayla Larsen and I am the owner of The Willow Farm. We are located in Cache Valley Utah. I was born and raised here and never want to leave! I absolutely love flowers and have my whole life. I stumbled upon a book that had the meanings of flowers that the Victorians used to send secret messages. I was hooked! I focus on education of the meaning of flowers and can create bouquets with different meanings. I support local flower growers in Cache Valley when the flowers are in season. I have a few other suppliers in Provo and Salt Lake City that I use when my locals can't grow flowers. They can get flowers from around the world! I have plans to become my own flower farm in the future. I love to create intentional, beautiful flowers that make others feel special and loved. I am a divorced, single momma to a vibrant 3 year old and he loves to help me with my flowers. I wanted to create a life where my kid knows how to work, and how to take care of things. I can't wait to get these beautiful flowers into your homes!