What would you do if the water wasn't there?

Showers, laundry, dishes, flushing the toilet...all stopped.

As record breaking heat, and no rain, continue to plague the western US many farmers are finding themselves with dry fields and not enough irrigation water. Hay prices have already doubled and with out water 2nd and 3rd crops may not even produce further raising the price of hay and in turn the price of food at the grocery store. 

This is a desperate problem in an of itself but many people in rural Utah are on wells that depend on ground water that is also drying up. The Hensons once abundant well is almost completely dried up. the rights for the well once covered the house, water troughs, and field irrigation. Now, the fields are dry and brown, the animals are are getting water from a ditch along the side of the road (till that dries up) and the house is at a trickle with only 100 gallons a day of water coming in for 8 people. (for reference a bath is about 30 gallons and a load of laundry is about 40) Well experts have come to look and the only options is to pray that utah gets rain in fall and it comes back and that the experts are wrong and the well doesnt run dry in the coming weeks. Calls to well drillers have been unsuccessful as well as they are booked out a year or more and the estimated cost is over 20,000. 

Please! Please please please conserve water. Let your yard go dormant and brown. It will survive. Limit the times you flush (if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down) take showers not baths, save dish water to put on plants, divers laundry water to your lawn. little changes make big differences. Not just for farmers but for you at the grocery store as well. 

If you're interested in helping the Hensons (single mom with 6 kids) we will be selling small and large beef boxes with all the proceeds going to help with the cost of a new well. 

Beef Box- new well
Beef Box- new well

Beef Box- new well


Beef Box includes 8 cuts. 4 ground beef, 2 economy steaks, 2 prime steaks, 1 roast, 1 additional cut


Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8
Grass Fed Angus Beef - 1/8

1/8 beef


Grass Fed and Finished Angus Beef.

No hormones, No steroids

cut in a state inspected facility. Dry aged 14-21 Days . 


Chuck Roast

Round Bone Roast

Sirloin Tip Roast

Rump Roast

Tenderloin Steak

Rib Eye Steak

New York Steak

Sirloin Steak

Cube Steak

Skirt Steak

Eye Round Steak

Top Round Steak

BBQ Ribs

Short Ribs


Ground Beef 

each beef cuts different. If we run out of one cut we will replace it with a cut of equal value 

*1/8 are sold as split 1/4ths. we will help match you with some one else looking to split a 1/4 and we will make sure you each get an equal share. this is for a live 1/8 beef for $265, delivered to c & S meat and processed for $75 for a total of $340. Utah Locavore will process the full payment, and provide the delivery. This will be labeled for home use. For meat labeled for resale there is an additional fee of $25 for the butcher. 


Dont need meat but want to help?

consider ordering and having it donated to a local woman's shelter, or you can donate right to the family through venmo.