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Utah Locavore

Grass fed Beef Deposit

Grass fed Beef Deposit

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We break up your total into three payments. 

Your deposit today will hold your space for our next beef.

Once the cow is at the butcher and we have a weight your next payment will be due. Price is $4 lb biased on the hanging weight. 

Your final payment is for the butcher, cut and wrap and is due at delivery. it is $1 lb biased on hanging weight.

Our current hanging weights have been around 700-800lbs but our yearly range is between 600-900 lbs. 

Cuts include:  STEAKS: Tenderloin, New York, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Cube, Skirt, Flank, Eye Round, Top Round. Roasts: Chuck, Round Bone, Sirloin Tip, Rump, Brisket, Tri Tip Other: Ground, Stew Meat, Ribs, Short Ribs, Bones

Home Delivery is available along the i15 from Logan to Provo

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